Choral Music Collection

The Choral Music Collection at Oakland Public Library is comprised of sacred, secular and holiday choral octavos. Music from this collection may be checked out. The Sacred, Secular and Easter octavos are searchable in the online catalog. For your convenience, several links have been created allowing you to view the holdings sorted by title or composer. Also included is a list of “a cappella” pieces sorted by title. Clicking these links will bring you directly to the online catalog. If you have an Oakland Public Library Card, you may request items to be held for you by clicking the “Request” button from the Online Catalog.

Sacred Choral Music – Sorted by Title
Sacred Choral Music – Sorted by Composer
Sacred Choral Music – a cappella – Sorted by Title

Please click the links below for more information about additional Holiday music octavos.

Choral Music Collection – Secular
Choral Music Collection – Christmas music
Choral Music Collection – Thanksgiving music
Choral Music Collection – Easter music


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